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Nov 28

Required Reading

 A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink will be included on the list of required reading materials when I start teaching.

This book illustrates the importance of design thinking and talks about a shift from an era of “left-brain” dominance to one in which “right-brain” abilities will get you ahead in life.

A Whole New Mind stresses six aptitudes- Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning- and promises that mastery of these skilss will improve professional success and personal fulfilment.

My favorite chapter was about story.

Facts are easily forgotten but a good story stays with us like the scent of our favorite perfume. Facts illuminate; stories amuse. To paraphrase E. M Foster’s famous observation, a fact is “The queen died and the king died.” A story is “The queen died and the king died of a broken heart.”  Which point will you remember?

Think about going to a doctor. Do you tell the story of your wound? Did you break your arm falling from a tree? Or do you just tell the facts? “Doctor, I am here because I broke my arm. The End.” Maybe this is a blanket statement but I feel that most people have a story to tell.

When I teach, I will have my students practice the art of storytelling. Whether it be done in a series of photographs or a single Narrative Tableaux, an image of impact is one that can tell a damn good story.